Charmed Spells – Make Your True Love Yours

The most commonly used spells are usually the ones that could bring you the perfect love of your life, a good prosperous business or even weight loss. Charmed spells are spells that are based on what we call the law of attraction. It is the Meta physical law wherein physical existence originates in the astral plane, or the non-physical. Read more


Magic Spells For Beginners

Perhaps you feel excited, drawn to and you are ready to take your first steps into the world of magick, Wicca and witchcraft and you are looking for some quality magic spells for beginners but you have some doubts on your ability. Read more


Love Spells That Work

The magic of love and love magic are two different things but both are incredibly powerful!

If you are struggling to find that perfect special someone or you have found them but can’t seem to get them to notice you then perhaps you need the additional help of some love spells that work!

If you are looking, you will find thousands of books available that teach you how to cast these types of spells. But do love spells really work? Many testimonials and happy couples will tell you that they do! Read more


Love Spells Candles

The Right Way to Burn Love Spell Candles

The other day I thought of staying over at my friend’s place. She told me that she had the knowledge of a few spells. We both are single so we thought of trying out the love spells using candles. But after doing the whole bit quite cautiously and noting everything very carefully we still saw no result. We were quite upset wanted to try again. Read more


Free Psychic Spells in Johannesburg

Top 5 Free Psychic Spells

Psychic reading refers to an occult practice where the future is predicted on the base of palmistry, astrology, card reading etc. Often these are associated with the some hex or curse or incantation or spells and often considered as a reliable way of dealing with our future and present life. Read more


Voodoo Spells in South Africa

Casting Real Voodoo Spells

Nowadays, the world has been filled with a lot of things with extraordinary details. And more often than not, we can never deny that some of them are necessities in this life we have. Some may be good and some may be bad, depending on our reasons why we had been using it. One good example are real voodoo spells. Some may think that they are bad and some may think otherwise. Whichever you prefer, we know that they have been outrageously hitting the button of popularity on the web. Read more


Best Lottery Spells in the World

Lottery Spells Can Make You Rich

Lottery spells can bring in a lot more than just money; they can bring you a lot of happiness as well. The fact is that the magick in these spells bring luck and charm to the user. The magick lies in the energy that these lottery spells bring into effect. The point remains, while choosing a lottery ticket, that the user needs to concentrate on the flow of energy through his hands and not through his eyes or ears. Lottery spells guide the hands of the person in selecting the correct lottery ticket. Read moreĀ 


Money Spells and Luck Magic

How do they work? Are they Real? If you think of the work “luck” you think of the possible chance that things can go your way for the good. If you are “Lucky” then you often encounter things that maybe bring happiness, money, fun, success etc. The question is is there truth to the term “lucky?” Are Money Spells real and how is luck involved. The fact is Money Spells and Luck are both very much related. Read more